Hello, I’m Edward Vreca. I am a 32-year-old, born and bred Londoner, from south of the river, who is a proud mix of Hungarian and Filipino, from my father and mother’s side respectively. Here is my brief story.

Creativity has always been at the heart of my passions. Animation was a love of mine at a young age going to secondary school. This developed into a larger appreciation of art and design and would ultimately lead to me graduating with a degree in Graphic Information Design from the University of Westminster (a very long time ago).

Although unfortunately did not manage to build a career in this industry I learnt skills I could use anytime I wished. I have since gone back to higher education but in a work capacity, building a career where I can play a part in giving new students the same wonderful experiences I had when I was at university.

Now at an older and wiser age (I like to think), I am going back full circle to my creative instincts and now work on personal projects that involve imagination and deep thought. This blog is a huge part of that.

I am a writer, amateur astronomer, blogger and someone who is continually willing to learn. My inspirations are my late father, my mother and my close friends who always put up with me rambling on about things I have learnt and my ideas.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, no need for postcards with your opinions, use the comments section at the end of each post.

P.S. Postcards are awesome.