About No Need For Postcards

Hello. So you want to know more about me and no need for postcards. First of all my name is Edward Vreca and welcome to my solo travel blog!


I am a born and bred Londoner, from south of the river, who is a proud mix of Hungarian and Filipino, from my father and mother’s side respectively. 

Creativity has always been at the heart of my passions. I have a degree in Graphic Information Design that has taught me skills I can use anytime I wish. I look for imaginative personal projects, with writing being at the centre of it all.


There is a need for postcards in the world most definitely. I love sending and receiving them. When I was thinking of a blog name I happened to look at a postcard on my side table and I had a lightbulb moment. Reading a postcard is lovely however if someone read my blog there would be no need to read a postcard. And so no need for postcards became the name of my blog.


Before I started blogging I had plenty of things to say about life, people, experiences, places I visit and photos. Blogging was the perfect avenue to show my interests and creativity. I have written about food and astronomy in the past but my niche is now  solo travel as this is what is unique to me.

I have been travelling solo for many years and love doing it. It gives me the freedom to explore the world at my own pace. I am a very independant person, which has given me the confidence to travel solo and not wait for adventure to find me.

Hope you enjoy reading my blog. If you would like to share your travel stories then get in touch with me through instagram @noneedforpostcards or email noneedforpostcards@gmail.com.

P.S. Postcards are awesome.